Auschwitz Tour

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Joseph Mengele, the Angel of Death

Hardly has the history seen a man more cruel, ruthless and cold-blooded than Josef Mengele. The story of this Nazi felon and his gruesome activity in the Auschwitz Camp remains to this day one of the most blood-curdling tales from the Holocaust and the whole WW2 period. Mengele joined the Auschwitz staff in 1943, after […]


Children in Auschwitz

Upon their arrival in the death camp of Auschwitz in 1942, children had no chance of survival. Whether they were killed from the start for being too young or underwent vicious experimentation or overworked to the point of death, children did not stand a chance.Records show that there were approximately 232 thousand children under the […]


How the world was informed about Auschwitz

On December of 1942, Ignacy Schwarzbart sent a telegram to the World Jewish Congress in New York. The following are excerpts from the telegram: “Have read today all reports from Poland…. They exceed by horror sufferings of our nation everything fantasy can picture. Jews in Poland almost completely annihilated…. Believe the unbelievable….” Schwarzbart and Szmul […]


Sign Stolen From Auschwitz Recovered Three Days Later

Just a week before Christmas in 2009, a group of bold thieves helped themselves to a rather unusual item: an iron sign hanging over the entrance to the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp. Police reported the incident and claimed the theft occurred in the early morning hours of December 18th. The sign, which could weigh as […]


Saint Maximilian Kolbe’s Life and Death of Devotion

Born in Poland January 7, 1894, the Conventual Franciscan friar Maximilian Kolbe had already distinguished himself by his unrelenting battle against the world’s evils and his intense devotion to Mary Immaculate when he became an inmate at Auschwitz concentration camp in May 1941. Fr Maximilian was still a seminary student when he helped found the […]


Daily Life in Auschwitz Extermination Camp

Of all the death camps, Auschwitz concentration camp is considered the worst and is the most well-known. Already malnourished and ill, Jews were gassed almost daily. Children under fifteen were killed upon arrival. Everyone knew there was only one way out: through the chimney. To escape, one must die.


Auschwitz Concentration Camp Gas Chambers

The gas chambers of the Auschwitz concentration camps represent the ultimate physical manifestation and implementation of Nazi Germany’s “Final Solution”. These death traps fatally gassed close to a million Jews, hundreds of thousands of Poles (Polish individuals), Gypsies and others that were deemed undesirable. Their sole purpose – to commit mass murder – was accomplished […]


Living conditions in Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Trying to describe an average day in the life of a prisoner at the Auschwitz concentration camp would be like trying to describe an average day in hell. Each day brought about new horrors for the unfortunate victims of the Holocaust interred in this Nazi operated extermination camp. Just under one million Jews were killed […]


The Auschwitz Concentration Camp Museum – a Somber Reflection of History

The Auschwitz Concentration Camp Museum – a Somber Reflection of History Not all aspects of our world’s history are pleasant, and the happenings at Auschwitz are one of the many tragic events of times past. However, unlike other atrocities — the events of World War II, specifically in Nazi-controlled Germany, have affected many of us […]